Buyer Settlement Checklist
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Buyer Checklist: Helpful Tips for a Better Settlement

Have your real estate agent send us a copy of the sales contract to begin your case.

Provide us with your Mortgage Company/Bank name and contact person or include with the contract.

Fax or email the binder information for your new homeowners' (hazard) insurance policy to both Valley Title and your Mortgage Company/Bank.

Confirm with Valley Title the exact spelling of the Buyers' names, including any middle names or initials.

We must be notified promptly if the lender or other parties require payment of consumer bills at settlement, such as credit cards or repair work. Copies of bills or invoices should be forward to Valley Title's office prior to settlement.

The termite report should be sent to our office as soon as the work is completed. If the report reveals infestation, the lender will require treatment and any necessary repairs be completed.

If a spouse is not on the loan (called a non-borrowing spouse) but requests to be on the title Deed, both the lender and Valley Title must be notified well in advance. The non-borrowing spouse must also attend the closing to sign certain documents.

If you would like to review documents prior to the settlement meeting, please notify both the lender and Valley Title well in advance so they can accommodate your request.

Give yourself enough time between the final walk-through and the settlement meeting to resolve any issues discovered at the walk-through. It is important to have those issue resolved prior to closing so that your settlement can proceed smoothly.

Bring a government issued photo ID to closing (such as a Driver's License or Passport).

At least two days prior to settlement, contact Valley Title to review with your real estate agent the exact dollar amount to bring to closing. Bring a cashier's check with you to closing made payable to Valley Title Services, LLC or have funds wired to our Escrow Account. Also, be sure to bring along a personal checkbook in the event the Cashier's Check is not for the exact amount. If the Cashier's Check is for too much, the difference will be refunded at closing.

Please call Valley Title at 423.745.4660
if you have any questions or concerns.