Agent Settlement Checklist
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Agent Checklist: Helpful Tips for a Better Settlement

Send to Valley Title a legible sales contract. You may fax, email or mail a copy. If you represent the buyer, be sure to include the buyer's mortgage lender contact information with the contract.

Notify us if any buyer or seller is unable to attend settlement prior to closing to make arrangements, i.e., power of attorney.

Provide us with the commission rate and split, administration fees, and any other reimbursements due, along with documentation if available.

Fax or email to our office a copy of the termite report or other invoices (i.e., repair work, plumbing, etc.) that must be paid at settlement. Remember, if the termite report reveals infestation, the lender will require treatment and the necessary repairs to be completed. Documentation f the work should be sent to our office prior to closing.

Notify us if the sellers will rent back the property. In order to avoid delays in settlement, please try to have the Post Settlement Occupancy Agreement completed prior to settlement.

If you are aware of any special disbursements for the settlement proceeds, such as wiring funds or division of proceeds, please let us know as soon as possible so we may have the information prepared prior to closing. All special disbursements must be in writing and approved by us.

Give yourself ample time between the final walk-through and settlement to resolve any issues discovered at walk-through.

If your client would like to review documents prior to closing, advise them to contact Valley Title well in advance so their request can be accommodated.

Please call Valley Title at 423.745.4660
if you have any questions or concerns.